Step 2  Concrete castings


Making the moulds

It's practical to use plastic coated chipboards as a bottom for the moulds, since they are already waterproof and don't need to be painted.
Saw the laths that form the mould and fix them on the bottom with screws (not with glue). Paint the laths
(2 layers).
When the paint has dried, fill the inside brims with a bit of acrylic sealant. When you re-use the mould, clean it well and seal the brims again.

The 3D Sketchup files for the moulds are in the Roquetinho-folder.

Moulds 60 mm of height


Bottom slab

550x550x50 mm

7 concrete blocks 550x170x60 mm

1 concrete block 480x170x60 mm with notch 70x58 mm

5 concrete blocks 410x170x60 mm

1 concrete block 246x170x60 mm with notch 70x58 mm

Moulds 24 mm of height

1 concrete block 550x170x60 mm with ledge to hold the partition (100x27x8 mm)

1 concrete block 410x170x60 mm with Ø 100 mm opening for flue pipe (18 mm from the sides)

Lintel that comes above of the firebox 364x48x60 mm

Partition 402x305x24 mm

Trapdoor 187x120x24 mm

1 concrete block 170x98x60 mm with notch 28x15 mm (joining block)